from the pit

To cry every dawn break while you stretch and smile and reach to shake that hair that I dream 100 dreams a night about! The shine of it doesn’t compare to the one in your eye when you love me on those certain days. It’s funny really, you crush me with your very thumb and I still can’t wait to finally have EVERYTHING just so I can give it all to you! Cause I know you’re still worth it.


A$AP Rocky & Chanel Iman for Vogue September 2014

Anonymous asked:
How do you manage to have fun (sexually) with your girl while she is on her period?


First, I have no qualms about fucking My girl when she is on her period. 

I don’t because she prefers not to, for multiple reasons, primarily, you wouldn’t be all that interested in sex if you had the equivalent of a stomach ache from hell.

So what I tend to do, is man the fuck up, leave My dick in My pants, and I take care of My girl.

I make sure We have pain meds handy, as well as a good selection of movies, chocolate, and ice cream.

Then I cuddle the shit out of her for as long as she wants and go the fuck away when she wants to be left alone and come back and cuddle the shit out of her again when she wants Me back.

I don’t worry about how to have fun sexually. I worry instead about how to best take care of My partner.

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